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            Midlands Feather Flags

            Feather Flags 

            Feather flags are the latest offering in promotional aids and they are definitely going to be around for the long run. The feather shape is part our a range of free standing flags which also include; the crest and teardrop shapes. These flags are perfect for a wide range of purposes and come in an array of different sizes, which means that the perfect one for your needs is just waiting for you to say yes.

            What Materials Are Feather Flags Made of?

            Here at Midlands Feather Flags we will never print your feather flag until your are 100% happy with it and not until we believe it is simply perfect for you and your needs. Our number one goal is to provide you with the best product that we possibly can and we know that in doing so, you will recommend us and our services to your friends and family. Every feather flag that we produce is comprised of 110 GSM 100% polyester and they are printed upon using dye sublimation technology; we will leave you in no doubt that every feather flag is made with total attention to detail and is of the highest quality.

            What Shapes or Sizes Do Feather Flags Come In? 

            Feather flags come in a range of different sizes and the one you choose totally depends upon your use for it. The uses of these flags are literally endless and they can be used both in and outdoors. If you are planning to use your flag in a home to create a party atmosphere, then the small size will be perfect. If you are hosting an outdoor event, then the bigger the better; these flags really can make a great statement and the price increase gets smaller as the flag you order gets bigger, so why not make a statement! The shape of the feather flag is the same no matter what size you require and when you see one you can't help but guess why it got it's name! 

            The sizes available include;

            1. Small 2.8 metres
            2. Medium 3.4 metres
            3. Large 4.5 metres
            4. X Large 5.6 metres

            You don't even need to stop there, you can also order the mighty 'LED Dazzler' feather flag, which literally glows to grab even more attention than the standard ones.

            Why Get a Feather Flag?

            Feather flags are a fantastic way of conveying any message imaginable; you don't have to be a business owner to reap the benefits from them. Here are just a few ways a feather flag can become you favourite new thing; 

            Business: This really is the primary use for our flags which is testament to the productiveness of these lightweight advertising tools. If you have just moved to a new premises and are not willing to blend in with the competition, then two feather flags flanking the entrance to your building or shop will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. You may be a portable trader who spends a lot of time at fairs and festivals and often fall into the sea of marquees at the event; a feather flag will catch people's attention from a distance and draw them towards your stall. If your company is having a sale of any sort, then a bright red feather flag with the words, 'sale' in capital letters will undoubtedly let people know. You may simply want to make your product display more three dimensional or clearly display your company's logo and contact details; whatever the reason, a feather flag can only enhance your business and make you more visible. 

            Events: Alongside business purposes, this is one of the most common uses for feather flags. If you are organising a race and need to mark the start and finish or where the rest stops are, then a feather flag can create a visibility that is also very simple to set up. If you are running a charity event then you will already know the importance of attracting more participants to create a larger amount of money for the cause. A feather flag at the charity event hub in a building or outside in a field will draw donators to you effortlessly and can therefore increase your total raised.

            Birthdays: There is nothing more exciting than a celebration and decoration is a key element when trying to create a party atmosphere. Is there a milestone birthday coming up, or could you get a feather flag that simply has colourful images and says ,'Happy Birthday' so you can use it time and time again. A feather flag is really sure to get the party started!

            Clubs: Are you a part of a club, maybe you frequently camp whilst showing off our favourite vehicle at a festival? A feather flag will let everybody attending the event that you mean business and that your club is available to join.

            Private Sale: You don't have to limit the use of a feather flag to advertising a business or club, you really can push the boundaries with these awesome flags. Are you trying to sell a car or your home and have you thought about a reusable advertisement? Having a feather flag to stand outside your home will attract potential buyers who may not have realised that your home or car are for sale. The flag can then be neatly packed away until you move, want a new car or have a garage sale again.

            The possibilities really are endless, so order one today and show us yet another new use for our fantastic feather flags! 

            How to Design Your Feather Flag

            Designing your feather flag may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of the professionals it is actually a very enjoyable process; after all, you are actively creating something that everybody will be able to enjoy. 

            When choosing the artwork and script, it is important to keep a few questions in mind;

            1. What is the purpose of this feather flag?

            Establishing what the purpose of the feather flag is will direct your design path. Is your flag going to advertise your business or club, say 'Happy Birthday' to a loved one or signal the start and end of a race? You will probably have a general idea in mind when you decide to order your flag, but having it precise will make the process much smoother for the designer and much more fun for you.

            2. What Message Do You Wish To Convey With Your Feather Flag?

            Once you have the purpose of the flag sorted, you need to start thinking about the message that you want to convey with your flag. Do you want to attract people to a sale, do you want people to know the name of your business and how to contact you or is it more a sign to show the name of an area?

            3. Are There Particular Colours That Need to be Included?

            If you are designing your feather flag for a business and already have a logo which is made of particular colours, then it is important to include it; if you are creating a birthday banner, then the world is your oyster.

            4. Are There Any Particular Words That Need to be Included?

            The words on the flag are just as important as the imagery. You don't want to bombard people with an essay to read, but you have to clearly get your point across. Minimal, boldly presented words will have a bigger effect than one hundred pretty words that take too long to read.

            The Artwork For Your Feather Flag

            There are two options for achieving the perfect artwork for your flag and the first is to leave it to the professionals. Here at Midlands Feather Flags we offer a FREE, fully comprehensive design service which will leave you with a striking feather flag that will be the envy of everyone. On the other hand, if you already have a business or club logo, an image or script that you know is perfect, then you simply need to email it over to the design team who will do the printing part for you! Colour matching and templates are also available within the FREE design process, so make sure you enquire before you get stuck trying to design something from scratch. Be daring, be creative and be seen; the more striking your artwork is, the more likely it is to get noticed and convey your message.

            Other Styles Available

            The soldier stance of two feather flags flanking your shop doorway is so appealing to many, but if they are not your cup of tea then why not consider some of the other options available? Here at Midlands Feather Flags we provide an exciting array of flags, which include; 

            * Teardrop Flags
            * Crest Flags
            * Trade Feather Flags
            * Barrier Jackets
            * Sail Flags
            * Pop Out Banners
            * Hand Waving Flags
            * Pop Out Banners/ Golf Banners

            Flags are the main part of our business, but we also supply top quality printed mugs, personalised printed deck chairs, flag stands and much more!

            Taking Care of Your Feather Flag

            Taking care of your feather flag and storing it appropriately is vital if you wish to have many happy years of use from it. Here at Midlands Feather Flags we advise that you consider the following points to elongate the life of your flag:

            1. Take it down in strong winds I.e. if winds exceed 25 mph. this will save a battering from mother nature which would leave anyone feeling sorry for themselves.

            2. Added weight which includes snow or heavy rain can deform your flag overtime, so avoid these where you can.

            3. In order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, it is best to set your feather flag up away from walls or fences. When your flag repeated flaps against solid structures it will most likely rip an fray over time.

            4. Did you know that you can wash your flag? A home wash below 30 degrees Celsius or a dry clean will remove any dirt which can affect the material over time. 

            5. Once you have washed or had your flag dry cleaned, then it is vital that it is fully dried to prevent mould and creases. We strongly advise that you place your flag back on its frame once you believe that it is dried so any trapped moisture can escape and so creases wont appear.

            You will receive a sheet with your feather flag which is entitled, 'Taking Care of Your Feather Flag'. It is important to read through these simple points and follow them to ensure that the life of your flag is long and varied.

            Choosing the Best Base for Your Feather Flag

            Once you have chosen and designed your feather flag you will just need to consider the base in which it will stand. The plus side is that if you order multiple flags which are the same size, but for different occasions then you will only need one base. The bases that we provide are tailor made for the feather flags that we produce include; water bases, cross-base stands and ground spikes. If you plan on having your feather flag outside on soft ground, then we recommend that you use a ground spike; if your flag is inside then we recommend a cross base stand and on hard outside ground, a water base is best.

            About Midlands Feather Flags

            Here at Midlands Feather Flags we are committed to taking you through the process smoothly to ensure that you get exactly what you want 1st time around. We offer these incredible advertising tools which are easy to erect and easy to order; if you don't believe us, check out our testimonials; our wealth of previous and current happy customers are hard to ignore.

            Terrific Tools

            You can find the price slider tool on our website to narrow down your search. The comparison tool allows you to choose multiple feather flags and provides you with the information to clearly choose the best flag for your purpose. 

            Want More from Midlands Feather Flags?

            If our exciting website leaves you wanting more from Midlands Feather Flags, then you can sign up to our newsletter and join our Facebook community for a constant feed of up to date information. Our FAQ's page will answer most of your questions, but please don't hesitate to contact us for more information whether it is on our variety of delivery options or to talk about a design that you have in mind.

            Here at Midlands Feather Flags we are leading the way to bring you innovative design at great prices. Our friendly team are at the end of the phone waiting for your enquiry; what we don't know about feather flags is not worth knowing!